Bulevardul Nicolae Balcescu, nr. 4, Sibiu

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About Hotel Imparatul Romanilor Sibiu

Every detail is treated very carefully for you. The walks in the wonderful city of Sibiu can be tiring, therefore we offer you a special space created for your relaxation: the indoor pool with Jacuzzi, sauna, massage and gym.

The modern and spacious conference room within the hotel is the perfect venue for meetings, conferences and seminars and the perfect venue for business meetings.

Imparatul Romanilor Hotel is the place where tradition and innovation meet to give you a unique experience.

Împăratul Romanilor Hotel, the oldest hotel in Romania

Împăratul Romanilor Hotel is certified since 1544 as an inn located on the road that came from Wallachia and hosted the king of Sweden in 1714 during his belligerent perpetuity in the Balkans.

Philipp Collignon, in 1772, played a very important role in the life and development of the inn, with the name "La Steaua Albastra". The year 1783 brought the name change to the "Împăratul Romanilor - Emperor Of The Romans" following the visit of Joseph II the Habsburg Emperor.

In 1857, the inn is expanding as the Magistrate bought Wayda House, for the sum of 25,000 Guilders, with the intention of expanding the inn. In 1873, the festive hall will be parquet, in 1876, theatrical performances will be held in this place during the theater rebuilding.

The interest of the magistrate for this property was because many political meetings were held here, in which the magistrate or the Jewish political people were involved, such as the ’’ Dieta’’ meetings. Also, the negotiations meetings related to the signing of the Pragmatic Sanction or the status of the Saxon nation were held in the inn.

In 1891 the old edifice is demolish and replace it with a modern one that is in line with the requirements of the time. The new building will be inaugurated on Sept. 7, 1895, being built opposite the old location, also demolished (here being the construction of the Austro-Hungarian army Commandant), on the site where the store of Constantin Hagi Popp and the Greek Company was.
The building has the shape of U, with a basement, a high ground floor, two floors and an attic. The corner axles, composed vertically, articulate the building.

This terminal element, located at the intersection of Bălcescu and Xenopol streets, is distinct from the rest of the hotel through the different framing of the windows. These are being doubled on the first floor and tripled on the second and a window with cornice and profiled windowsill, which appears in the center of the attic. A horizontal girdle also delimits this as a third floor.

The attic is triangular, shaped in curved lines with volutes and shell-shaped elements. In the center of the attic there is arranged a circular window, with badges placed in the cardinal points. The attic is being cut to the lower and upper level, twice by profiled cornices.

The facades have 9 axes on the facade from Bălcescu Street and 12 from Xenopol Street. On the second floor, the framings are profiled with two overalls at the top.

Horizontal shaped girdles delimit the ground floor and the first floor. A horizontal profiled girdle is also placed at the level of the windowsill of the surplus window. On the second floor two other horizontal girders are found at the level of the cornice and the windowsill.

The access is being made on the lateral traverse present in the blade in a triangular fronton, with a metal cover.

The roof is ‘’three waters’’, with three skylights on the facade from Balcescu Street. The inner courtyard is transformed into a festive hall with sliding ceiling.

Find a location full of history and have an unforgettable experience.

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